Hole 9
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Hole 9

The fairway is Y shaped curving from Tee A to the left and from Tee B to the right.
Tee A (Short/240', par 3) is directly behind the # 8 target and throws along a wide path to the left.
Tee B (Long/271', par 3) is up on the hill to the right across the field to the right.
The Target is in a small clearing in the woods to the left of Tee A and througth the gap in the trees and to the right of Tee B.

Out of Bounds

There is no OB on this hole


There is a path from #8 target across the field and up the hill to Tee B.


View from the B Tee, Approach, The Target

From Previous Hole

Tee A is directly behind the pin. Tee B is up the hill to the right across the field.

To Next Hole

10 B is behind pin 9 and to the right. 10 A is across the fairway and closer to the #10 target on the left.