Hole 8
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Hole 8

The fairway is down hill along a wide tree lined lane that narrows in the middle.
Tee A (Short/269', par 3) is left of the #7 fairway.
Tee B (Long/346', par 3) is directly behind the #7 fairway.
The Target is surrounded by large trees to the right of the fairway at the bottom of the hill. Both Tees have down hill lanes to the target.

Out of Bounds

Directly behind Tee B is OB.


The agricultural field to the right is casual. Avoid damaging crops. The field is casual.


View from the B Tee, Approach, The Target

From Previous Hole

Tee A is to the left of the #7 fairway. Tee B is directly behind the #7 fairway.

To Next Hole

9A is directly behind the target along the path. 9B is on the hill to the right across the clearing. To get to 9B, walk past 9A to the gap in the woods on the right. Walk through the gap and straight up the hill following the lane. The tee will be slightly on the right.