Hole 7
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Hole 7

The fairway is up hill through the woods along a fairly wide lane.
Tee A (Short/185', par 3) is located past Tee B along the path in the woods.
Tee B (Long/222', par 3) is located at the bottom of the hill along the property line.
The Target is up on top of the ridge out of site of the Tees and slightly to the right.

Out of Bounds

The property line behind the Tees is OB.
The property line behind the target to the right is OB.


Tee 8A is very close to the left side of the fairway so be careful of players on the Tee.


View from the B Tee, The Target

From Previous Hole

Walk down the hill and behind the #6 target. Tee B will be to the right at the bottom, Tee A will be ahead along the path.

To Next Hole

8A is directly to the left of the fairway on the top of the ridge. 8B is over the ridge in line with the fairway.