Hole 5
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Hole 5

The fairway is a cleared path that curves to the right through the woods.
Tee A (Short/200', par 3) is located dirctly down the path from 4.
Tee B (Long/211', par 3) is located to the left just into the woods from 4.
The Target is around the bend in the path to the right and slightly down hill.

Out of Bounds

Well beyond the target is the property line which is OB.


When driving from 5B, be aware of pedestrians or other players walking into your path from the right.


View from B Tee, Approach, The Target

From Previous Hole

Walk into the woods along the path behind the #4 target. Tee B will be to the left, Tee A will be directly ahead.

To Next Hole

Both Tees for hole 6 are up the hill and slightly left from the target.