Hole 4
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Hole 4

The fairway is a wide open meadow with woods along the left and back and private property along the right.
Tee A (Short/541', par 4) is located about half way along the fairway on the left.
Tee B (Long/766', par 4) is located at the back of the fairway on the left.
The Target is at the far end of the fairway about 50' from the tree line.

Out of Bounds

The property line along the right side of the fairway is OB.


The target for 17 is visible along the left side of the fairway. Be aware of players throwing to 17.
Please respect the private properties along the right side.


View from Pin back to B, The Target

From Previous Hole

From 3, take the path to the open meadow and turn left to get to Tee A or right to get to Tee B.

To Next Hole

There is a wide path in the woods behind the target. Take the path into the woods and Tee B is on the left, Tee A is directly ahead.