Hole 3
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Hole 3

The fairway is a narrow path through the woods to a slightly elevated rocky knoll where the target is located.
Tee A (Short/236', par 3) is located directly behind the target for 2.
Tee B (Long/353', par 3) is located at the edge of the woods to the right of and up hill from A.
The Target is through the woods to the right on a slightly elevated rock outcropping. There is a narrow lane that becomes scattered with trees near the pin.

Out of Bounds

The property line to the far right is OB.


Tee 4B is located in the meadow behind the target. Warn othe players of overthrown discs.
Be aware of drives from 2 as both tees are suseptible to overthrown discs.


View from the B Tee, Approach, The Target

From Previous Hole

Tee A is directly behind the #2 target. Tee B is up the hill on the edge of the woods to the right of #2 target.

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Tee 4B is in the meadow directly behind the target. 4A is about 140' away in the meadow to the left as you leave the trees.