Hole 18
Hole 17 - Course Map - Hole 1
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Hole 18

The fairway is a long up hill meadow that has trees along the left just off the tee and then opens up to a clear unobstructed expanse up to the target.
Tee A (Short/480', par 3) sits in the corner of the lower section of the field on the left side.
Tee B (Long/480', par 3) is located in the very bottom of the field just to the north of the gap in the woods leading to 4 & 17.
The Target is near the crest of the hill just south of the upper pavilion and east of target #1.

Out of Bounds

The multipurpose playing fields way to the right are OB.
The pavement and across behind the target is OB.


Hole 2 is to the left and overthrown drives could come in from the left. Be aware.
There are often events that have people sitting on the hill above the multipurpose playing fields to the right. Be aware of pedestrians and people sitting on the grass.

From Previous Hole

walk past the target for 17 and turn right in the field (fairway for #4). Go through the gap to the right and the tees are just ahead, A being further up the hill from B.

To Next Hole

Tee 1 A is across the parking lot behind the target. Tee 1B is further back along the property line.