Hole 17
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Hole 17

The fairway is a very narrow path through heavy woods ending at the target which sits on the edge of the big meadow which is the fairway for hole 4.
Tee A (Short/480', par 3) sits beyond and to the left of the target for 16.
Tee B (Long/480', par 3) is well behind the target for 16 and behind and to the right of 13's target.
The Target is in a small alcove on the edge of the very large field which is hole 4's fairway.

Out of Bounds

There is a fence way to the right that is OB.


If you overthrow the target you will be on the fairway for hole 4 so beware of drives from the right.

From Previous Hole

Walk past the target and left to Tee A or straight back for tee B.

To Next Hole

walk past the target and turn right in the field behind. Stay to the right side and pass through the gap on the right. Tee B is directly ahead to the left and Tee A is further up the hill to the left next to the trees.