Hole 16
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Hole 16

The fairway is a narrow path through dense trees. There is a large double trunk tree that divides the fairway about 2/3 of the way to the target.
Tee A (Short/480', par 3) is south of Tee B and east of 15.
Tee B (Long/480', par 3) is east of 15 and north of Tee A.
The Target is up the slight grade through the dense trees.

Out of Bounds

There is no OB on this hole.


Accuracy counts more than distance on this hole.

From Previous Hole

from 15, walk to the left and then slightly up hill (right) to A or down hill (left) to B.

To Next Hole

17 A and B are directly behind the target with B being further back and A being slightly to the left.