Hole 14
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Hole 14

The fairway curves around to the left from Tee B and is straight on from Tee A to a steep rise with the target at the top of the ridge.
Tee A (Short/480', par 3) is to the right of west of tee B and the #13 Target.
Tee B (Long/480', par 3) is behind and to the west of #13 target.
The Target is at the top of a ridge with a very steep face. The bottom of the face is fairly clear and trees guard the clearing.

Out of Bounds

there is no OB on this hole


Be very cautious in low traction conditions such as snow and mud.
When teeing off from B, be aware of overthrown discs from 13 to your left and 16 to your right.



From Previous Hole

Tee B is directly behind and to the left from 13's target. Tee A is further to the left and toward the target..

To Next Hole

Both tees for 15 are to the right and up the hill from the target.