Hole 12
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Hole 12

The fairway is a wide lane with woods on both sides opening out onto an agricultural fiel to the right of the target.
Tee A (Short/252', par 3) is on the left side of the fairway past Tee B.
Tee B (Long/332', par 3) is on the right side of the fairway.
The Target is in the middle of the fairway in front of a thinly wooded area with a large field to the right.

Out of Bounds

Directly behind the pin through the woods is the Black Rock Golf Course which is OB.


The field may be sewn with crops. Please respect the crops growing in the field and treat the field as casual when sewn.


Approach, The Target

From Previous Hole

Both Tees are directly along the lane past the target.

To Next Hole

3A is down the hill to the left of the target and then right along the ridge.
3B is directly down the hill along the marked path from the target.