Martins Mill Bridge

Erected in 1849 by Jacob Shirk using the "Town Lattice Truss" system, the bridge was originally known as Shindle's Bridge.
According to Evans and Evans, it was reconstructed after the 1972 Hurricane Agnes flood, but, in the early nineties, was in private ownership and (as is usually the case with covered bridges in private ownership) deteriorated. However, the bridge and nearby land are now part of the Antrim Township Community Park, and the bridge itself again restored.

After Agnes, restoration was completed in 1973, with the bridge measuring approximately 205' long by 13' high by 16' wide.
It was again restored in 1994. There is a video tape available of the 1994 rededication of Martin's Mill Bridge.
The bridge is scheduled to be restored and renovated (steel I beams installed) in 2013.
Model of the bridge displayed at the 2011 park Open House.